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See you next year! July 27 and 28, 2024


Come join us for a cash bar at 7 pm before being emerced into the music Thelonious Monk, Nina Simone, and Roberta Flack, performed by three of the top vocalists in the greater boston area. Dominique Eade, Grammy-nominated Farayi Malek, and Gabrielle Goodman. They will be accompanied by the Ron Savage Trio featuring Consuelo Candelaria-Barry, piano, Alexander Toth, bass and Ron Savage, drums.

CJF 2023 Crowd 1.jpeg


Artists from around the world gathered, and their music provided legendary memories.


The audience was electrified, swaying to the rhythmic beats and melodious tones of classic jazz that echoed throughout Danehy Park.


Volunteers, the unsung heroes, buzzed with energy, ensuring everything flowed seamlessly.

Scholarship & Award

We are thrilled to award  Nathan Asgdom the 2023 Cambridge Jazz Foundation scholarship and recognized our 2023 CAMMY Winners.

Market Place

Merchandise stalls lined up, showcasing musical instruments, jewelry, trendy apparel, and memorabilia, each item echoing tales of jazz legends.

Food Vendors

Food vendors added a delicious harmony to the event, serving up treats that danced on the palate like a sultry jazz tune.

Gazebo & Beer Garden

Gazebo & Beer Garden pictures captured timeless moments in an intimate setting among friends, creating snapshots that immortalized the spirit of the festival.

Jazz Museum

The Jazz Museum stood as a testament to the rich history of the genre, its exhibits coming alive with the resonance of the ongoing festival.

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